Eternally Synced

Eternally Synced

Eternally Synced

Eternally Synced” is the fifth studio album from electronic and Techno producer CAP23. For this adventure we are taken to a world of nasty beats and dirty rhythms mixed together with acid overtones and hypnotic melodies. The album features a mixture of these dirty beats and hard hitting Techno tracks but for the first time, there is no Drum ‘n’ Bass track.

The album kicks off with the title track “Eternally Synced” which straight away pushes that dirty beats feel and hypnotic melodies. Moving into “Sunday Morning”, which is a melodic Techno track to get you ready for what is to come. This is followed by the nasty bassline of “Expectation of Noise”, which gets you ready for the Acid Techno monster that is “The Void”. You are then given a break from all that dirty noise with the emotionally led track that is “Solitary Confinement”. Written during lock down as a result of being house bound and all alone. However, the rest bite is not long lasting as the title track returns this time with a totally hypnotic version that is “Eternal Sync”. You are now heading into the final part of the adventure with a little groovy number called “Reset Resonance”. You have one final peak with the last Techno track on the album “Neutrino”. Finally to calm you down and bring you back to reality, “Liquid Dreams” just melts you into a steady state of mind.

Eternally Synced is available from February 23rd 2021 via all major download and streaming services plus it is also available to purchase from the CAP23 Band Camp page.

There will also be a single release from the album, “The Void EP” will be available from March 2nd on Beat Port and Juno Download. This EP will feature 2 remixes from Destroyer.

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