CAP23 State Of Mind

CAP23 – State Of Mind

State of Mind is the 5th studio album from CAP23 and includes the usual mix of genres and styles from hard hitting club Techno to chilled relaxing guitar music.

Exile EP

CAP23 – Exile EP

Exile EP is a 3 track Techno single release featuring a remix from Dean Marcel plus 2 original tracks.

Razorback Sessions

The Razorback Sessions

A limited edition release exclusively available via CAP23 Bandcamp page of a collection of tracks for “The Razorbacks Arma Community”. 

Devotion, Obsession, Addiction

Devotion, Obsession, Addiction

As you may be able to tell from the album title, this one deals with the dark side of human emotions.

The Drum & Bass Sessions

The Drum & Bass Sessions

The Drum & Bass Sessions is a collection of six Liquid Drum n Bass tracks.

I Alone

I Alone

Inspired by the breakup of a relationship with who was meant to be my future wife, this album is at times emotional and sad while there are elements of happiness and joy.

Digital Domain

The debut album from CAP23 which is based on what has become the norm to so many in this modern age, the digital domain.

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