CAP23 came about in 2018 with the idea of making music that he loves to listen too with no pressure on if the tracks will be used in a club environment. But that is not to say that some of the tracks produced can fill a dance floor at clubs all over the world.

Massively inspired by artists such as Underworld, Massive Attack and Moby and to create music that does not follow the standard rules of genre’s but just to be creative and flowing.

The debut album which features multiple genres from Techno to House to Drum and Bass to Trip Hop all on the theme of what has become the norm to so many, the “Digital Domain”. Released early 2019 but mainly recorded in 2018 has had some success and recognition. This was followed by the second album “Underground Soul” which was released in mid 2019 but was later deleted. However, this was followed soon by “I Alone”, a very emotional album to make. “Eternal Sync” and “State Of Mind” followed in 2020 and 2021, both albums are more upbeat but still feature multi-genre tracks.

The next phase of development is to take his music on the road and produce a live show. Hopefully spreading the word and letting others hear and fall in love with his music. Then hopefully hitting the festival scene for some crazy weekends in the mud.

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