Dean Marcel

Dean Marcel

As a DJ..

Dean Marcel started DJ’ing back in 1985, when the House music scene started to take off here in the UK. His love of all things electronic and the classic 4/4 beat has driven his career over the decades. His DJ career really took off after a 2 year spell in Spain between 1990 and 1992, where Dean was lucky enough to spin at some of the hottest clubs and beach parties along the Costa Del Sol. The DJ name spans from when he was a founding member of ‘The Party Tribe‘, an illegal party organisation from West Wales which started doing after hours parties plus club slots during 1994-1995. During one evening with fellow founding members, everyone was discussing using fake stage names such as fellow DJ Eddie Taurus. Dean was wearing a black and white T shirt and a beret, someone said he looked French and the name DJ Marcel was borne. Towards the end of 1995, Dean added his first real name just because too many people where calling him Marcel.

As a Producer..

Dean first starting writing and producing music back in 1998. The first set-up was an Atari STE running Sequencer One with a Yamaha CS-1x synth and an SU-10 sampler. His first venture was with fellow Party Tribe DJ and a very good friend Eddie Taurus. By coincidence, they were both expecting to become fathers at about the same time, so they wrote and produced a track called “Baby Bouncer” which used the Juno-106 to great effect with that classic “I Like To Move It” bassline. Dean also started another project with fellow Techno DJ Kafka. KvsM was a demo project of 4 Techno tracks, one of which featured on a Daily Mirror cover CD back in 1999.

In 2000 Dean released his first album, “What’s Inside Me?” penned under the name “Paranoid Jon” and released on A few of the tracks actually charted quite high on their charts, including a Gabba Techno track which sampled Alien Resurrection which hit No1 on the Techno charts for 4 weeks in a row. The following year “Who Am I?” was released also on but it also got a release on

Then in 2012, Dean moved from West Wales to Scotland and also started to build a new studio set-up including a brand new DAW. The result of this was his 3rd album (but first under Dean Marcel) “Eventually”. Released in 2018, this album features 14 tracks which are mainly Techno or Tech-House in origin but there are some nice electric fillers plus a Dub Reggae track to finish with.

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