Digital Domain

Digital Domain

We very proud to announce the release of the debut album from CAP23. “Digital Domain” means an awful lot to CAP23 both as a musician and a producer, for the first time since he started making music, he has made music that he wants to listen too over music that will be good played in a club. This initial release features multiple genres from the electronic music range and includes pumping 4/4 tracks and melodic chill-out tracks.

CAP23 has been heavily inspired by Underworld, one of the worlds leading Techno and Electronic music bands and this shows in his production especially in tracks such as “Reformat” and “Install Application”. Hopefully you enjoy listening to this album and will support CAP23 on his adventures in the digital domain.

Digital Domain Track Listing

1. Reformat (FAT32)

2 .Install Application (exe)

3. Memory Flush

4. Download

5. In The Cloud

6. Binary Intrusion

7. IoT

It is available from all major streaming and download sites or please support CAP23 the most by purchasing from our BandCamp page.

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