Underground Soul

Underground Soul

“Underground Soul” is the second album from electronica outfit CAP23. Once again this is a multi-genre album featuring Techno, Drum and Bass, Electronica and Chill-Hop.

There are nine tracks each on the theme of a belonging to the underground music scene, with the opening number “Done Lost” being a dark twisting Drum and Bass track which starts off a little broken before finishing all funky. Then there is the purists Techno track called “Deep In Thought” which features the iconic sounds of the 808 and 303. A deep and moody Hip-Hop/Chill-Hop track called “Dirty Mind” sets the atmosphere halfway through the album. Then there is the title track which is an uplifting Techno track inspired by the rising morning sun over an Ibiza beach. The album finished with a couple of chilled Electronica tracks including the airy final number called “The Breath Within”.

The album is available from all major download and streaming sites from 2nd week of October but is available exclusively from our BANDCAMP page from the end of September.

Underground Soul Track Listing

01 – Done Lost

02 – Transcendental Prism

03 – Dust & Atoms

04 – Dirty Mind

05 – Community

06 – Deep In Thought

07 – Underground Soul (Dawn Mix)

08 – From Darkness Come Light

09 – The Breath Within (Heart & Soul version)

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