State of Mind

State of Mind

State of Mind

State of Mind” is the fifth studio album from electronic and Techno producer CAP23. This album continues the now familiar multi-genre theme. Including a good mixture of hard hitting Techno, rhythmic Drum and Bass and chilled out melodic tracks.

While the general theme of the album is on the darkness that follows the break down of a relationship, there are moments of light as we come to terms and push forward for a brighter future.

About the Album

The album opens with “Tokyo Sunrise“, a beautiful well crafted Drum n Bass track with strong oriental influences. Then we move into the dark twisted track that is “The Path to Exile” with the full length album version of this awesome Techno track. After this, everything changes towards the light with a few tracks that allow hope to shine through. Including the dreamy “Crep├║sculo“, which has a Spanish guitar intro into a Drum n Bass rhythm escorted by a deep sub bassline. Later in the album we have “Reflections in a Mirror“, a down tempo Techno track which has a haunting feel to it. Finally we arrive into the final part of the album which completes with the deep emotional release of “The Path to Resolve“.

Mastering the Art

Not only are the tracks of this album of a seriously high quality, the production and mastering of each track shows just how far CAP23 has come over these past few years. Since the album is totally written, produced and mastered by CAP23, this is no easy achievement. In fact, he has hinted that his debut album “Digital Domain” will be remastered and re-released soon using the new knowledge learned.

The album is now available from all major download and stream services. You can help the artist the most by purchasing a high quality download direct from his Bandcamp page via the link below:

Purchase “State of Mind” direct from Bandcamp

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