Devotion, Obsession, Addiction

Devotion, Obsession, Addiction

Devotion, Obsession, Addiction

Devotion, Obsession, Addiction” is the fourth studio album from electronic producer CAP23. As you may be able to tell from the album title, this one deals with the dark side of human emotions. It features 9 tracks and again these are a verity of genres but with a focus being on Techno.

During the making of the third album “I Alone”, CAP23 experienced a traumatic breakdown in his relationship with his fiancée. Afterwards finding himself in a deep dark place and only finding release from these feeling while in the studio recording music. The result from those sessions is shown on this latest album.

The opening track “Devotion” plays on deep dark emotions while setting the mode for the tracks to follow. “The Ghost In The Arp” pays a little respect to a well known Acid track from the 90’s by using the know famous 303 groove. Then moving into two driving Techno tracks, “Obsession” and “Cocaine” before breaking the 4/4 groove for the albums Drum and Bass number called “Addiction” which featured on the previous mini-album “The Drum and Bass Sessions”. The second half of the album brings your mode back into the light with the hypnotising track “Above Water”. This is followed by the frequency frenzy that is “Filter Pop” before we move towards the albums closing numbers which include the Dub grooved “Sunset In Koh Chang” and finally a beat less version of “Out From Water”.

Devotion, Obsession, Addiction” is available now from all major streaming and download services. Listen to the album below or purchase from our Bandcamp page. For more information, please visit

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